On the fourth anniversary of the occupation of Efrin, Ciaye Kurmenc, a sit-in in the city of Den Haag

In response to the call of the National Initiative for Efrin, the Syrian community of Kurds and Efrin’s people responded to the call of the initiative on the eighteenth of March, in Den Haag in Holland

 Where dozens of our people gathered and chanted against the Turkish occupation and its brutal practices which mount to war crimes in occupied Efrin, demanding the end of the occupation and the return of the forcibly displaced to their land.

The demonstrators raised images and symbols of Efrin as an occupied city undergoing ethnic cleansing and demographic change that has been going on for four years.

It is noteworthy that the initiative had previously announced a series of protest activities in many European cities in commemoration of the occupation of Efrin region.

The National Initiative for Afrin


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